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Sunday, 26 August 2012

Too long gone!

When I decided to step back from my blogging to concentrate on writing, I little thought that my day job would take over and consume my time in the way that it has. I am pleased to say that the efforts have borne fruit and my company is recovering from the recession very well, despite the fact that according to the doom-sayers the recession in the construction industry shows no sign of abating. My only regret is that my writing has been the 'collateral damage'.

I have missed blogging, my friends that I made here, and visiting so many wonderful writers out there. I have missed learning so much from the wisdom of those who are travelling the path ahead of me, and I have missed the memes and blogfests too!

Winners Medal So I have come back, and although I cannot be here every day, I am determined to blog once every week as an absolute minimum. Surely I can find something worthwhile to say in a week?!

This week I would like to share with you a flash fiction competition I stumbled across, with a prize of $250 and this rather snazzy winner's medal.

The site is Lascaux Flash

Competition Inspiration The idea is to write 250 words (not including the title) inspired by this intriguing picture. The picture, it should be noted, is for inspiration only and the competition is not judged on its interpretation.

The competition is hosted by the Lascaux Review - an excellent on-line magazine, which is well worth a visit .

As they say themselves: "Please spread the word. About the contest as well as the Review. We're new, but we're here to stay."