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About Me

Hello and welcome. 

I live in the UK, in the County of Kent, a 40 minute train journey from the nation's capital. Following the universal rule that you never visit the places closest to you, I very rarely go to London.

I have been writing books in my head for over thirty years and have finally found the courage to commit my stories to print. I have a fantasy trilogy more or less mapped out, and a rough outline for a series of science fiction books based on the same set of characters, each one discrete in its own right. I also have a couple of children's books and a fairy tale that may or may not be for children! (I call it a fairy tale rather than a fantasy story because it uses all the traditional ingredients of a fairy tale). However before I embark on my novel writing properly, I have decided to spend some time writing short stories to hone my writing skills. To this end I have signed up for Write1Sub1 in 2011. As a result I have had a number of works published online and in print (see Published Works page)

I have a long suffering wife and two just adult children, which probably means that I am writing to create substitute babies to fill the emptying nest.

I, that is to say we, have two cats and a dog, but as the dog is very long and low enough to walk under the cats without ducking, she doesn't take up too much writing time with her walks.

I am a Reader in the Church of England (effectively a lay minister) and am often leading services or preaching. This does involve writing, but writing for speaking is very different from writing for reading. That said, speaking publicly gives great insights into writing dramatic monologues!

Oh, I run a civil and structural engineering consultancy business too. Of course this too involves writing, but once again it requires a wholly different style. Reports do however teach accuracy and economy of language, as well writing to deadlines!

I paint, mostly in watercolours, on a very occasional basis as I prefer to preserve the illusion that I could paint
really well if I only practised!

In my spare time ... wait, I have spare time?!


  1. I do want to make your day. Also, I wanted to thank you for stopping by my blog and following. I'm following you back :)

    I really like your site (still trying to figure out how to do all the fun tabs and badges on blogger). Good luck on your road to publication. Hang in there!

  2. I agree, you could be an amazing watercolor artist, you already are! Love the pic.

    ~that rebel, Olivia

  3. hah! No wonder you got my no-kiss-story reference, being a professional and all. And is that a dachshund in that photo? Coz I have two. I also went to school in Kent. Small world, huh? OK maybe not that small.

  4. Holly is a miniature dachshund and completely soppy! Unlike me of course! ;)

  5. Mine are miniatures, too - wirehaired ones. Joska and Mosca.

  6. Another dachsie owner here, and a fellow Crusader, just stopping in to say hi. I'm taking the same approach- slowly getting around to following all the blogs, and aiming to get to know people better and leave more meaningful comments as the weeks go by. See you again soon :)

  7. Wow! I love that painting. Both my Grandfathers were artists, too. :O)

  8. Hey, you have red hair! I never would have pegged you as a redhead. I married one of those, although he's almost entirely white haired now... and I claim no responsibility for that, contrary to what he might say.

    Our dog is red also, but I remove enough hair in one brushing to make up a dog the size of yours, so the similarity ends there :) The cat must rear up on two feet to reach the dog's muzzle for a cuddle.

    So nice getting to know you better! I sometimes forget to read the "about me" section of a blog.


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