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Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Social Muddler

Apparently building a writers platform is crucial these days, and the social media in their many guises are the key. For me it started with this blog, in which I happily immersed myself. I really enjoyed visiting other blogs, interacting with loads of really interesting people, writing pieces for weekly memes and blogfests. Then I realised that I was so busy building a platform that I wasn't doing any serious writing. So I began to write short stories, microfiction and poetry. But all that blogging took its toll on my time and I had to step away from it.

So I opened a twitter account @dominicdemattos ( Something I could do in very little (140 character) bursts. So I discovered there are loads of really interesting people in the twitterverse and links to some great blog posts, which, oh dear, takes me back to the blogosphere!

Now I have opened an author's facebook account ( and if you haven't received a friend invite it's only because I haven't found you yet! (Please do send me a friend invite). It took me a long while to work out why some people had a "like" button on their facebook and others didn't. I discovered pages, so I made an author's page ( Now I can't decide whether I should keep up my timeline or my page. One has friends and the other has likes. 

So this is a call to all you who use facebook, and who visit other authors. How do you / would you handle the timeline versus page issue? Do you keep both going or concentrate on just one? How do you make facebook work for you?