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Friday, 14 September 2012

Work is good, right?

How embarrassing! No sooner do I leap back onto the blogging stage than I am swept away by a white water torrent of deadlines which inundate my evenings and weekends. Not that I am complaining ... well, actually I suppose I am ... not that I should be complaining; this flood will, ironically, keep the company on a sure footing for the rest of the year. We are looking to recruit two new members of staff with more to follow next year. I haven't looked up the word recession recently, but I think it means a state of mind where you fool yourself into believing your future is no longer in your own hands. The real lesson of the last 12 months for me is that we can take back our future and beat the recession if we decide to.

Foto curtzy of teh interwebs

So, what's new? I am getting a rather different birthday present next week. Free loft and cavity wall insulation. I know - lucky old me! This has meant that over the last three weeks we have had to empty the loft. Bear in mind that we have been accumulating loftware for 25 years, moving such cherished items as broken printers and other people's unwanted books from loft to loft. So time to tackle the dross and make a mega donation to charity shops and the local tip. Of course what was left had to go somewhere, so that meant clearing out and sorting the garage. Amazingly it all fitted in the garage except for the bikes, which had to go in the shed. So ... you guessed it ... that meant clearing out and sorting the shed. And the green house. And, for some inexplicable reason, the cupboard under the stairs. I think Sarah was just in sorting mode. So will we go back to hoarding in the loft? No comment!

It's worse than it looks - that wood is well above head height!

Anyone else out there struggling to balance demands, or do you still find time to do the things you really want to do? Is anyone else an inveterate hoarder (and can therefore feel my pain!)?


  1. I'm such a hoarder that the last time the plumber man came to fix my water tank, he left with a "I've never known anyone with so many shoes and envelopes."

    Moving along swiftly!! LOL!! Happy birthday!!! And what a fine birthday gift for you! LOL! Practical and it'll keep your home warm!!!

    Take care

  2. Happy Birthday! :)

    I am a bit of a hoarder. I don't like getting rid of things I could potentially use in the future--and that ends up being almost everything. LOL.

  3. Thought you'd been abducted by Aliens you've been gone so long! Happy birthday. I too have a sort out planned but am avoiding the loft area and putting it off a bit too because I know it will have a room by room knock on effect that will complicate things. Otherwise I hope you are well and glad to hear your business is good.

  4. Hey, Dom, great to see you're keeping busy, in more ways than one. Happy birthday — best wishes winging their way to you from the southern reaches of Alberta.

  5. Dom, I've been struggling to balance everything over the last year and a half so I totally understand your predicament. But that's a great birthday present. Just imagine how much lower your central heating bills are going to be! It'll be like a present every time you get a bill.

    And that's fabulous news about your business doing so well. Good for you.


  6. Happy Birthday! I have been having trouble juggling a lot lately. I miss blogging. I have to get back to it on a more regular basis :)

  7. Happy birthday!

    Finding/making time is a tough one. Unforeseen things are the big time stealers, such as family illness, car trouble, etc. One may plan for the expected things and allot time accordingly, but the unexpected always gums up the works.

    Am I a hoarder? Only of shoes. LOL

    After 32 years of marriage we have accumulated quite a bit up in the attic, but it is mostly stuff we have a sentimental attachment to, if not a day-to-day need. Periodically we "sort," as you said, and either donate stuff or do a yard sale.

  8. Ah Dom you know what they say:

    Life is what happens when you've made other plans.
    Many are the plans in a man's heart, but the Lord's will prevails.


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