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Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Social Muddler

Apparently building a writers platform is crucial these days, and the social media in their many guises are the key. For me it started with this blog, in which I happily immersed myself. I really enjoyed visiting other blogs, interacting with loads of really interesting people, writing pieces for weekly memes and blogfests. Then I realised that I was so busy building a platform that I wasn't doing any serious writing. So I began to write short stories, microfiction and poetry. But all that blogging took its toll on my time and I had to step away from it.

So I opened a twitter account @dominicdemattos ( Something I could do in very little (140 character) bursts. So I discovered there are loads of really interesting people in the twitterverse and links to some great blog posts, which, oh dear, takes me back to the blogosphere!

Now I have opened an author's facebook account ( and if you haven't received a friend invite it's only because I haven't found you yet! (Please do send me a friend invite). It took me a long while to work out why some people had a "like" button on their facebook and others didn't. I discovered pages, so I made an author's page ( Now I can't decide whether I should keep up my timeline or my page. One has friends and the other has likes. 

So this is a call to all you who use facebook, and who visit other authors. How do you / would you handle the timeline versus page issue? Do you keep both going or concentrate on just one? How do you make facebook work for you?



  1. Timeline version.
    Although I do like you, Dom, but just clicking "like" isn't communicating.
    Or maybe it is. Maybe I'm too old-school to know.
    But there's my vote, and I'm going to uphold it by clicking on the link your timeline version and asking you to be a friend.

  2. Thank you Kay and I was delighted to accept! So one vote for timeline! I'm really interested to see how many posts receive comments as opposed to being "liked". It seems to me that "like" is generally used to signal that a person has visited without them needing to spend the time writing a response. Although comments are wonderful, knowing that you are not posting into a vacuum is also very valuable!
    Lovely to hear from you Kay, hope all is well.

  3. It is all such a mess, isn't it? I cut my blogging back to only one time per week (Wednesday), stopped participating in memes and do my best to get out to read, at the very least, the blogs of those folks who are kind enough to visit mine. I will hunt you down on Facebook now. :) Look for a friend request.

  4. Thanks for connecting on facebook Lisa. You are so right about needing to get out and read others' blogs, it's something I have neglected by abandoning my blog entirely for a while. I hope that a better work life balance might be on the horizon.

  5. Goodness Dom you have been busy!
    I have Twitter and Facebook, but only so that I can access things on them now and again, because there's only so many hours in the day LOL!
    I'm not worried about it as a writer/author at the moment as should I become successful I would expect all that to evolve at the same time.
    Glad your writing is going well. Mine has been on hold whilst I prepare to return to work...

  6. I haven't created pages yet, but prefer timeline more, since I tend not to focus on Facebook when I'm doing my social networking.

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  8. Hi Jhon

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