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Sunday, 1 December 2013

So, I've written a NOVEL

During November 2012 and November 2013 (combined) I have written 100,000 words, completing the first draft of an epic fantasy novel. As a first draft it is the skeleton, the underlying shape of the story. Now comes the hard graft of adding ligaments and sinews to hold it together, muscles to give it strength and flesh to make it attractive. (That is adding character depth, sub-plots, and world building environment enhancement!)

I will probably now take two weeks off writing, to take care of the squillion things that I have steadfastly neglected over the last 30 days of totally focused writing. (Every spare moment has been given over to the writing effort). Then I shall use my Christmas break to kick start the whole editing process. The aim is to have a second draft (one which at least reads coherently) by the middle of January 2014.

I would really like to get back to blogging regularly. I miss reading the great articles that my blogging friends write. I miss taking part in the blogfest writing competitions. I miss playing the meme games. I miss writing poetry. I stopped blogging because I needed to write. When I have my second draft I will be able to blog!


  1. It is good to see your name! Congratulations on your book completion.

  2. You've been hard at work with much to show for your effort. It'll be nice to have you blogging again. The blogosphere has missed you! And so have I. :)

  3. Welcome back to blogland and HUGE CONGRATULATIONS!! with your super awesome news!!! Yay!! Enjoy your break! Have a fab Christmas! Take care

  4. Nice to see you around again. Happy for you completing your book. Great accomplishment.

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