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Friday, 20 May 2011

Book Blurb Friday - Bold as Brass


The lovely Lisa at Writing in the Buff hosts Book Blurb Friday. Each week Lisa posts a pretend book cover to fire our imaginations. Our task is to write the book blurb for the back cover in 150 words or less.

Bold as Brass


The greatest punishment in the land of Herasia, is to be turned to bronze and then be exiled to a distant dimension for a lifetime as a garden ornament.

The wizard Tarren Wherry controls one of the two portals from Herasia and he sells the exiled bronze statues in a fashionable New York boutique. He has just taken delivery of a motley collection of criminals, amongst them the notorious Babyface Tarik, the Gold Pan Twins, the giant Hergan and the tiny Father Twee, when he learns that Herasia has been taken over by Karack, the wizard controlling the other Herasian portal, aided by the very criminals he was meant to be guarding.

His home, his family and his future are at stake, but Tarren cannot save Heresia alone. He must decide whether to use the golden horn to restore his new prisoners, but would they help him if he did?

150 words.

I have really enjoyed writing here again, which is a great relief! I will ease myself back slowly. I will be spending Friday and Saturday refurbishing our shower (including replacing all the tile grout and sealant), but I hope to be back for Succinctly Yours on Monday.


  1. Hi Dom! Welcome back! Your fantastical blurb is a hit, as always. I love the worlds you create with (seemingly) so little effort.

    Good luck with your shower. My husband and I completely retiled our shower & bathroom a few years ago. We got it done, but it was a real job!

    P.S. Don't forget to post your name and URL in Mr. Linky!

  2. Fantastic! Your names and worlds are always so real. I'd love to read more about Heresia.

  3. What a richly-worked piece! So much to this that I don't see how you cannot write the book itself - take a notebook while you tile the shower.

  4. Gosh - what a lot going on in your fab fable epic!! Yay!! Welcome back to the writerly fold!!! :-) Take care

  5. What a wonderful creation!!

    Bronze Mirage My 1st attempt at this meme.

  6. Delightful premise, Dom.
    Just one note from the ol' editor here — was he really supposed to be guarding the criminals, or guarding against them? I'm confused. Just something to clarify before you send the actual book to a publisher!
    Always great to "hear" from you here or elsewhere. Glad you are taking care of domesticity, but also glad you had time to produce 150 words for us.
    Cheers — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  7. Hi,

    What a great story! That would be the ultimate punishment, being a garden ornament. Do they bring their badness to the people's homes who buy them, I wonder?

    Hope you weekend is grand,

    Kathy M.

  8. This photo fit perfectly with your genre! Nicely done!

    Find me on Linky under Wendy.

  9. Oh, I would not like to be someone's garden statue...although this would be a fitting punishment for any criminals lurking out in Herasia. I like it!


  10. Ah now Kay - good question!

    It depends on your viewpoint! To the Heresians, our dimension is a place in which the criminals are locked away, their only route back to Heresia being through the portal. So Tarren guards the portal, both against prisoners getting back to Heresia and against Heresians attempting to get to our dimension. Wait a minute, you say! They have been turned into bronze statues - they aren't going anywhere! Yes, but Heresia is in a magical dimension and the reason our dimension has been chosen is because it is non-magical. The Heresians are taking no chances with these magical criminals!

    Of course, book 2 would deal with the unintended consequences of magical criminals waking up in New York gardens, while Tarren is off in Heresia with the band of criminals he thought he was restoring!

  11. What a wonderful imagination you have Dom, you never cease to amaze me. :)

  12. I'm so glad I found your blog through the FBB! Great blurb - so creative!

  13. I enjoyed this a lot Dom. As usual you are the master when it comes to sci-fi! (You seem to have a lot of this worked out in your head-maybe you should continue?)

  14. Once again, you've created an absolute delight! Love the names, as usual. And I do hope I don't fall into a Herasia portal and become a garden gnome.

  15. You're so good at sci-fi. Love the whole premise and spirit of this piece.


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