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Saturday, 13 August 2011

Friday Book Blurb - A Time in Paris


The lovely Lisa at Writing in the Buff hosts Book Blurb Friday. Each week Lisa posts a pretend book cover to fire our imaginations. Our task is to write the book blurb for the back cover in 150 words or less.

A Time in Paris


Rue de Bouvier

As children, the girls had giggled over the writing under the glaze of a genuine 18th century dish, and had wondered about their namesakes. But when Jacqui Bouvier disappears in Paris on 12th August 2011 sometime after 2pm, it is the only clue Kate has.

Afraid the police would laugh at her, she hires a handsome young private detective to fly with her to Paris and help her investigate. Ryan has just inherited his father’s PI business and is way out of his depth, but he is all Kate could afford. Besides, he’s cute.

In an apartment over the Rue de Bouvier, they find a high tech, illicit laboratory and are soon plunged into a world of industrial espionage and ruthless corporations searching for a maverick scientist. Somehow they must find him first, if they are to learn the truth about Jacqui.

149 words

I'm interested in how obscure you can be in a book blurb, but still give a general shape to the story. Is it obvious to you what's going on? Is it all a bit odd, but you'd be interested to find out? or is does it seem all too complicated, far fetched and too much effort to unravel?

Oh and sorry it's not Friday - I got a bit behind this week!


  1. Not too obscure! I think for me a book blurb that grabs my attention gives a sense of what to expect (a mystery, thriller, who are the main characters, etc) but to also tease me with interesting conundrums - like your who/what/where/how with regards to your maverick scientist and the disappearance of Jacqui!!
    Take care

  2. Love your blurb. It gives me an overview and a couple of hooks, but doesn't give away any surprises. And there's gonna be a romance. *sigh* One of my favorite things. :)

    Your questions--is it obvious? I'm not sure. I've connected the dish inscription with Jacqui's disappearance, of course, and the weird science, but I can't guess at the import of the connection. I'll have to read the book to find out.

    Odd? Yes. But if it were ordinary I'd put the book back on the shelf and keep walking. But you've piqued my interest, so I'm hanging on to it.

    Last question--I won't know how complicated or far fetched it is until I read it. Lots of books are "out there," (think Stephen King) but that is where the author's talent comes in. When a book is well written, no matter how "out there" it is, we're able to suspend our disbelief and enjoy the world that has been created.

    The book blurb is a sales pitch, really. It gives an overview of the product with hooks to lure you in. And you're apparently an excellent salesman. :)

  3. The blurb can't be too obscure (yours isn't) because it has to sell the book. And misleading ones are worse - you get hoome with it and the story is not as advertised.

  4. That blurb grabs me too, Dominic. I miss coming to visit you here. It's been a busy summer here with the kids. I hope to come by more often. Hope all is well with you and your family.

  5. To me the obscurity is the draw. You gave me enough hints tying it together that I just assume you will wrap it all up somehow, though how that package will contain a mystery predicted in 18th century pottery is beyond me. No matter what, this promises to be an unusual surprise.

  6. Mystery, romance and Paris. This isn't obscure, it is tantalizing. Blurbs aren't meant to clarify the story, just entice us to read it.

  7. Thanks for the comments everyone. You confirm my gut feeling, but when you have a shape of a story in your mind, it is very hard to see it from the point of view of someone who doesn't have that advantage. It's all good! :D

  8. The characters intrigued, the plate appealed the science was a clash and romance was promised. I like the amateur status which promised something less than polished. All good, really, at least for me.

  9. Works for me! I love anything to do with Paris!

  10. Yup, you don't want to mislead. But I like your blurb. What a fun exercise.


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