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Thursday, 28 October 2010

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A big thank you to both of you who voted for me in Brenda Drake's cliff hanger blogfest. I was unavoidably absent from the interwebs during the whole voting excitement, so I didn't even know that I had been shortlisted until it was all over! I do think however that Rachel Morgan was a worthy winner and deserves to be followed on Twitter! @rachelmorgan13

In the end I decided to send "Another Small Step" to Strange Horizons. They take 10 weeks or so to decide, so I can forget about that one until after Christmas. I am now working on another SF shorty with the temporary title "Bonnie".  or possibly "A Matter of Life and Death" or even "Where There's Life". I have mapped out the story arc, and am reasonably pleased with the shape, but I am having a bit of an argument with myself. The creative director wants a scene where the protagonist is invisible (don't ask!) but the technical consultant can't think of a justifiable reason why he should be invisible in this scene and not later when it matters! I shall have to lock them in a room together until they've thrashed it out!

We got up at dark O'Clock in the morning yesterday to drive to Nottingham to look round Nottingham Trent University with younger daughter. She wants to study Design for Film and Television. I cannot begin to tell you how enthusiastic she is for this course. Isn't that great to see in a youngster?

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