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Thursday, 14 October 2010

End of Story

Today I finished the final-ish re-write / polish up of my SFF short story "Another small step", as I might have mentioned in one or two places. I say final-ish, risking the wrath of the custodians of the grammar standards, because no-one else has actually read it yet. I am bracing myself for the feedback! Once I have recovered, and revised, it's off to the publishers.

I need a haircut. It is long overdue (haha, get it?!).

Anyway, reminds me of when I was first married, my wife had just started cutting my hair. It was all about saving money, we hadn't two brass fathings to rub together (as the saying goes up north somewhere). I had been invited to a contractor's golf day and during the meal at the end of the day they had a comedian come in. He was rather rude about my hair cut and said "You'll never get a girlfriend with hair like that!" I wish now that instead of blushing beetroot, I'd told him, "of course I won't get a girlfriend, my wife cuts my hair!"

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