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Friday, 3 June 2011

Book Blurb Friday - The Last Geranium


The lovely Lisa at Writing in the Buff hosts Book Blurb Friday. Each week Lisa posts a pretend book cover to fire our imaginations. Our task is to write the book blurb for the back cover in 150 words or less.

The Last Geranium


On a crisp, clear night the skies over London are illuminated by eerie flashes and aurora-like pulses. Many believe them to be a son et lumiere show, until a mini-nova sears the heavens and devastates the city below. The discovery of an dying alien in an escape pod promises unprecedented technological advances, provided humanity can heal it.

In a race against time Derry Calahan, leader of a disparate group of the world’s leading scientists, learns to harness the alien database and finds that a cure may be found in the humble geranium. Unfortunately a mysterious blight has been decimating the world’s angiosperms for years. Particularly hard hit has been the Cranesbill family, and geraniums seem to be all but extinct.

Derry must protect his charge from the foe that hunts it, a foe that seems to be altering the past, and somehow he must find the last geranium.

148 words.


  1. Fabulous take on the prompt photo, Dom. Your mind really is on another planet! Wonderful.
    — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  2. That sounds so interesting! I love how the tension and pace is set from the get-go.
    Edge of Your Seat Romance

  3. Angiosperms! Yay!!

    Awwww I love the epic-ness of this book blurb! Yay for the humble geranium! Take care

  4. You keep writing amazing blurbs! I'd read it. ; )

  5. I so love your sci-fi take on things, and you've used the photo prompt with creative flair. Great blurb. I'd download it to my Kindle without delay.

    Thanks for the French translation! I should have asked you first and left Babel Fish alone. LOL Yours reads much better.

  6. I love this! You have such a great imagination; it's great how you have focused on the geranium and its powers to heal the earth. I read what happens next and how they go about setting things right.

    Take care,

    Kathy M.

  7. Hey, Dom...

    Terrific piece of flash fiction.... You managed to tell an intricate story full of amazing details in just 148 words.

  8. Ooh-the key is in the flower...brilliant! You left me very curious about the being doing the trouble and the one worth saving.

  9. A geranium filled thriller. Love it!


  10. Brilliant stuff - scifi and a thriller, magic - I'd be ordering it now!

  11. I am such a Sci-fi fan that I would have to buy this book just to see if that last geranium could be found. Love the premise of your story - good one!


  12. You've managed to pack an unbelievable variety of creative conflicts into such a little blurb! Brilliant, and the only thing I'm going to do on my way to buying this book is look up "angiosperms." I do hope they become unblighted.

  13. Yay for the humble geranium! Though they'd better rescue that one soon, as the window box looks decidedly parched and unhealthy. I like your premise :O)


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