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Friday, 29 July 2011

Book Blurb Friday - Spellbound


The lovely Lisa at Writing in the Buff hosts Book Blurb Friday. Each week Lisa posts a pretend book cover to fire our imaginations. Our task is to write the book blurb for the back cover in 150 words or less.



Life is not easy for Garin as a trainee mage, not when his father is the arch-mage himself. Magic is serious business under the bushy eye-browed glower of the patriarch. But life takes an unexpected turn when a friend teaches Garin the Book of Faces spell which transforms his spell tablet into a communication portal.

Scrolling through the faces the spell conjures up, Garin is captivated by a girl with startling blue eyes, who is apparently called Cami94. Garin is heartbroken to learn she lives a kingdom away, but when he learns that she is to be married off to some ancient grandee, he is determined to save her.

Aided by his friends and pursued by his father’s mages, Garin must face fire, bogs and arachnids to reach his heart’s desire.

But all is not as it seems in Ternet...

140 words


  1. Awwwww Garin is a proper romantic at heart!! Fab book blurb!! Take care

  2. Nice one! Garin is a perfect blend of romantic Galahad and rebellious teen, and I like that you didn't tell us much about the girl of his dreams. That information will be peeled back as the story progresses. I hope she's worthy of his efforts. :)

  3. She probably wants to marry the grandee for his money and thinks Garin is an interloper.
    Very good blurb, Dom. If I liked this sort of book, I'd buy it, but I can't bear bogs and arachnids.
    Hope you are well and happy yourownself, however!

    —Kay, Alberta, Canada

  4. Now that's some imagination to see all that from just a face!

  5. This fantasy is great-plenty of magic, creatures, and of course young love!

  6. This sounds magical and I was ready to purchase it. Did you have to mention arachnids? A spider by any other name is just as creepy. :D Seriously that's a great plot.

  7. Ha! You made me want to read that book you dreamed up from a picture!


  8. Oh, no! please NOT arachnids ... :(

  9. OK - not the arachnids then! lol

    I have learnt one thing - don't include giant eight legged you-know-whats in a novel!

    I can't believe that no-one has commented on my blatant tongue in cheek skit! "Book of Faces" anyone? "in Ternet" I have to admit that I originally wrote that Garin would have to face "walls of fire", "marsh boggers" and "giant webs" but I thought that was too obvious! Ah well - perhaps it would be a half decent story without the cringe-worthy mickey-take!


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