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Monday, 14 March 2011

Star Blogger

The last two weeks have been particularly busy for me, so I have not been visiting blogs very much lately. However I wanted to thank some wonderful friends for give me a couple of awards. But first I want to announce a new award. The problem with the awards that require recipients to pass it on to 7 or 15 people is that if everyone did we'd each be receiving hundreds every week within a month! So instead of passing my awards on, this is an award for just ONE star blogger.

Here are the "rules"

1) Link back to the person who gave you the award and share something about them.
2) Nominate a new recipient and tell them how special their blog is to have been singled out for this exclusive award
3) Share ONE thing that makes you laugh, ONE favourite thing and ONE place you would like to visit

So the very first recipient of this award is .... Madeleine at Scribble and Edit

Madeleine's blog is always a pleasure to visit. Her posts are creative and entertaining, with great graphics and well laid out. Blogging is all about give and take and Madeleine puts so much energy into other people's blogs.  That is why Madeleine is the first Star Blogger.

Now, onto my awards :)

Thanks to Zan Marie and Sully Thanks to Deborah Walker, Jys and Zan Marie

So all I have to do now is reveal 7 things about myself:

1) I bought our first house before my wife had a chance to see it. It was a wreck and took us a year to make it habitable. I think she forgave me!

2) I used to play the flute, until I sat on it.

3) My favourite colour is red

4) My great great great grandfather was the son of the dutch widow of a german, who was then adopted by her second husband Alexander de Mattos, whose father, a Portuguese count, fled to South America during the Peninsular War

5) As a (young) teenager I was hugely excited to see Mars hanging large and red low in the evening sky ... until my Mum told me is was just a "harvest moon". Ah well.

6) I have been singing in a church choir since I was nine (with a six year gap in teenage years). Twenty five years of which have been in the same church.

7) I started making cakes when I was seven. Whilst making my very first cake I managed to "fold" the mixture onto the floor. Oh well - I spooned it back into the bowl, no harm done!

Engineering for Writers will be back next week, when life is a little less hectic!


  1. Congratulations with your fab awards!!!! Awww and yay for Madeleine too - she's lovely and a wonderful talented creative blogger!! Yay!!

    Awwwww - your ancestry is fantastic!! I'm still trying to work out who went with whom and why! LOL!! Excellent!!

    Take care

  2. Congratulations on your awards! Your ancestry is awesome. We have a father and son who married two sisters (yup, gets complicated!)

    Hoorah for Madeleine! I have met her in REAL life and she is every bit as special and deserving of your new award.

  3. Congratulations on your awards! I bet you make a fantastic cake :) I liked learning more about you from this post.

    Congrats to Madeleine too!

  4. Gotta love a man who bakes! And sings! And has red hair. Oh, wait, yes, I have a brother like that.
    You're a good man, Dom. I'm glad your wife forgave you after the house became habitable.
    I like your award idea, not having to pass it on to 15 people.
    -- K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  5. Congrats on your awards- you deserve them and how awesome to have a new one coming around to talented bloggers.

  6. Congratulations on your award! Your list of 7 is entertaining---you always reveal such interesting tidbits. As to the whole house deal, well. . .your wife is obviously a saint! LOL

  7. Congrats Dom,

    You deserve the awards!

    A wonderful new award is now officially born remember the date March 24th. Congrats to Madeleine! She deserves it.


  8. Hoorah, a new award. Good one. And well deserved, Madeleine.

  9. Oh wow Dom. thank you sooo much. It has really cheered me up as I have a stinky cold and feel dreadful. Congrats on your awards, too.:O)x

  10. Congratulations on your awards and congrats to Madeleine too.

    I enjoyed finding out more about you - #2 made me chuckle. :)

  11. Good choice in Madeline! She is wonderful! And congrats on your awards!

  12. Congrats, Dom. I like your new Star Blogger Award. Great idea. ; )

  13. Congratulations on the awards! :)

    Congrats to Madeleine as well.

  14. Congrats! And you bought a house without letting your wife see it first? Brave man!

  15. That is one nice award. Loving the star theme. Great job on your new awards! :)

  16. Congratulations on your awards (much like a trophy cabinet full ;))
    I love the Star Blogger Award - that looks soooo amazing - and starry ;)

  17. Now that's a cool award - congratulations!

  18. Congrats on the (lovely-looking) blog award! and to those you're passing it on to. Nice to learn more about you, too. Red is your fave color!--don't hear that from guys too often. Nice. Cool that you've sung in choir for so long too. :)


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