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Thursday, 25 November 2010

Dropped in it!

I have been exceptionally busy these last few days with a to do list that would make Hercules blanch. So when my vicar asked me if I wanted to lead the Exploring Belief group tonight, I e-mailed her back and said that I had a mountain of things on, and I would be very grateful if I didn't have to do it. I should mention that I had half prepared something two weeks ago, but had had to cancel the session because I was ill. Anyway, I went along tonight and just before it started, she said that she hadn't got my e-mail until earlier in the evening and had e-mailed me back saying that I didn't need to go tonight. All was well. So the seven of us sat down with our coffees and after a brief chat, my vicar announces, "Now I'd like to hand over to Dom."
I'm not sure any prayer of mine has ever been so heartfelt!


  1. E-mail is only as efficient as the person to whom it is sent. I e-mailed a friend today and asked if I was expected to make coffee for a group that meets at the church tonight, and I haven't had an answer yet. The meeting time is an hour and a half from now.
    -- K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
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  2. that is a fine situation to find yourself in.

  3. Oh no! I know the feeling. Years ago at university I was at a writers' open mic night. I was sitting in the audience and not at all planning on going onstage. Ten minutes in the MC - incited by my professor - called on me to come onstage and entertain the audience! Argh! I frantically tried to signal no but then the spotlight was on me and everyone was staring and I had no option but to get up there. Eek!


  4. Oh dear!! Well when you can - do pop over to mine, I have a little award for you. ;)

  5. So how did it go? Don't leave us in suspense! Hope it was all right!

  6. Oh right yes ... well, fortunately I had four bullet points and four readings noted down from before. I started off with two of the readings and posed them all an interesting question. So for the next twenty minutes they went rambling off on all sorts of tangents, which was great! I did that three times and basically they all did my work for me! *phew*

  7. Oh, you must have felt the blood rush from your head to your feet and back again. Yikes! Glad it all worked out...good to have a creative writer's mind to help you through it. :)


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