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Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Haiku Wednesday

Come join the fun!

This week's theme is "Direction"

I am assuming that the strict interpretation that a Haiku must contain one season word and one cutting word is not necessary for this bit of fun. Do others think that the last line should be a seemingly independent statement that somehow sheds light on the first two lines?

Traffic jams caught by
Satelite navigation.
Dreams of the seaside.

Caught in the headlights
Bright white lines glow in the dark.
Blindly I follow.


  1. Interesting haiku. Unconventional sounding :O)

  2. LOL ... I like unconventional!

  3. Well put, Dominic.

  4. Hey Hey these are great Dominic! Although we are not that strict we just stick to the 5-7-5 we don't worry about the content being in tune with authentic Haiku, these are terrific!

  5. Interesting wordplay with your haikus. I enjoyed reading them.

  6. Nice work. I think your first Haiku hit the spot while your second seems to wander. All well done.


  7. I'm no poet, but I like when a Haiku's last line takes the reader by surprise and swings things a different way. I like your first poem best...

  8. Thanks for your comments everyone. I was worried that the first one might have been too disjointed - but clearly not! Incidentally, I assume that you have reflective white road markings to help you follow the road in the US, as we do in the UK? (Otherwise the second haiku will make no sense whatsoever!)
    :D om

  9. Greetings Dominic. Thank you for stopping by my blog and participating in my contest. I have added your choice to the list. It's always nice to meet a fellow author who loves Tolkien.
    N. R. Williams, fantasy author


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