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Saturday, 20 November 2010

My Appreciation

A big thank you to N R Williams for choosing me for a lovely shiny blog award ...

It is my privilege to choose three fabulous bloggers to pass this award to, and to share with you three of my favourite words.

So let me introduce you to:

Septembermom (Kelly) at My Voice, My View whose posts are filled with warmth and light, like walking into a sunny glade in the gloomy woods.


Clarissa Draper at Listen to the Voices whose blog is a wonderful pot pourri of interesting articles, advice and smiles.


Lisa Ricard Claro at Writing in the Buff who has a wonderful sense of humour, and a sparkling blog. Anyone who owns writing dragons is pretty awesome!

As for my three words ... I will share those with you tomorrow!


Other news today is that BBC Children in Need 2010 has so far raised £16,152,347

This is a nations effort to raise money for UK Children in every kind of need. This is an annual event which culminates in a whole night of television entertainment geared towards teasing out everyone's natural generosity.


  1. Dominic -- you might want to check the link for Clarissa Draper's blog. It didn't work, so I looked at it and there are too many http and www things in your link. I deleted some and clicked again and it worked. I clicked on hers because she was the one I didn't recognize. I haven't tried Septembermom's or Lisa's yet.
    -- K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  2. Okay, same problem with Lisa's and Septembermom's links.
    One http:// will do it, just like at the top of yours.
    -- K

  3. Thanks Kay for the heads up. I have fixed the link. :D
    I forgot to check them in the preview!

    Thanks Colene

  4. Hey, Dom, thanks! This is the best award ever! I accept the badge with pride and will make every effort to live up to the nice things you said. :) I'll write a post about it tomorrow and share the badge with three others, as you have done. Thank you so've made my day!

  5. Dominic, congrats on your lovely awards! ;) I did watch some of the Children in Need on BBC1 last night. Loved 'Take That'! And what a great cause. Yesterday there were so many people out collecting for different charities, it was amazing.

    Have a lovely weekend! ;)

  6. Thank you for this honor! I will post the award soon and give you credit.

  7. Nice Dominic. I already know Clarissa but I'll check out the other bloggers.
    N. R. Williams, fantasy author

  8. Congratulations to you Dominic! Thank you so much for sharing this award with me :) I'm grateful to have found your wonderful blog too!


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