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Friday, 25 February 2011

Book Blurb Friday and a video of me!

This is advance notice of a new meme which starts on Friday 4th March, hosted by Lisa Ricard Claro. BOOK BLURB FRIDAY gives us the chance to let our imaginations run wild and write a book blurb inspired by a book cover photograph. Don't miss it!


First Crusader Challenge - If you haven't read my entry yet go HERE

I know I only posted my challenge entry yesterday, but for those of you who have read it, I thought I would let you in on the little fib.

1) Yes, my family do despair of my tendency to spout forth
2) I do love lemon sorbet, anything orange, ginger, syrup sponge .. actually anything edible. I did think about adding in something I don't like as my fib, but I couldn't think of anything!
3) Generosity? I do try!
4) As for doing a bit of contortionism, I have only ever found one other person who could do it, and now I find that Claire Gregory and Jai Joshi can both do it! I promised pictures ... so if you are feeling brave ...

5) So that just leaves our dream house. Yes I would love to design it ... but I would rather leave it to the professionals to build it.  We re-roofed, re-wired and plumbed our first house, including installing central heating (including boiler) bathroom, kitchen and utility room. We replaced the rotten floor, built a new sash window for the kitchen and took out a chimney breast. It was a year of incredibly hard work. I have no burning desire to do it again! But we do have a love of the mountains and the sea

Well there you go! Now you know the truth!


  1. I am scraping my jaw off the carpet and going "what the.........?!?!!?!?" at this clip of you breaking your arm! LOL!!!! What the....?!??! Why?!?! LOL!!!!! Please don't twist your head like so...!!! LOL!

    Well I spotted the wrong untruth - as I ddid with everyone else's entries!! I'm not doing very well with this challenge at all!! LOL! It's just you're all so darned nice - I can't believe any of you will fib!! :-)

    p.s my word verification is the best yet!!
    "fauthy dr" LOL!!!

    Take care

  2. Love the video! Don't try this at home- ha :)

    I'm curious- can you, like me, also join your hands behind your back, then bring them all the way over your head to the front without taking them apart? I'm willing to bet you can, from that video- looks like you and I both have double-jointed shoulders. It's my number one Christmas party trick :)

    Freaks of the world unite! Hehe.

  3. Well, I watched it twice, because I didn't have the sound on the first time, and it was just as scary the second time. I won't show this to any of the young nieces and nephews, or to the grandchildren, although it was good of you to say "Don't try this at home, kids"!!
    -- K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  4. Ow!!!! LOL! My shoulders hurt just watching you do that. ; )

  5. I think the book blurb idea sounds interesting. I also don't think I could bend like that. lol

  6. Well, I'm glad you enjoy lemon sorbet. It's gorgeous!

    The dream house is something I'd like to design to but like you I'd rather someone else built it. I'm not into hammers and nails.


  7. Lol - I love anything edible too :p And I've just spent my last evening planning my dream home as well - didn't know there were other people doing that. Well, the truth is I'm a dirt poor student with no prospect of building my own house in the next 10 to 20 years, but it was fun all the same :) And about building it - My boyfriend is a construction engineer. So I'll have who to build it for me.

  8. Thanks for visiting ... I enjoyed your comments.

    I realise I have misled you all - Book Blurb Friday is being hosted by Lisa Ricard Claro (see link above) ... but I will promote it again next week.

    Kay - those word verification things are a hoot aren't they?!

    Claire - I can't manage your party trick, but I did try! My "ability" is, I think, something to do with the length of my forearm, rather than putting my shoulder out!

    Nancy - thanks, hi always good to see you.

    Zan - it doesn't hurt, honest! lol

    Regina - I have oddly long arms - so I think that is the secret. Apparantly your arm span is meant to match your height. My arm span is 6" longer!

    Jai - couldn't agree more about the lemon sorbet - especially when it's bought from a street vendor in Italy!!

    Stephanie - sounds like he's a keeper!

  9. Hi Dom - Thanks for promoting the Book Blurb meme. I don't think you misled at all--a few folks misunderstood, is all. The "book cover" is actually a photograph taken by my daughter, Christina. She'll be a frequent contributor to the Book Blurb cause. :)

    I can't believe that video! Oh my goodness! I watched it more than once, and I'll be back to play it for the family (when everyone rousts from slumber). No talents like that here. My youngest can touch her tongue to her nose...does that count? LOL

  10. Hi Lisa - don't scare them all! Oh and touching the tip of your nose with your tongue is definitely a rare skill!

    I forgot to add the link to your blog - that's why I was misleading everyone! lol

  11. So you DO like lemon sorbet! Aha. I guessed wrong, but oh well. :D

    I love the video! Wow. I didn't know people could even do that!

  12. OK, so I'm watching the video and within 5 seconds I'm trying the same thing until I hear you say "Don't do this at home."

    Oops and...ow.

  13. OMG! I've heard of people who could do this stuff! Haven't a clue how you manage it! Gotta be some ouchies in there!


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