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Monday, 14 February 2011

Just Kiss Already Blogfest

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To celebrate I am entering the Just Kiss Already Blogfest

Back in January I shared a moment when Mikel and Krissa so nearly kissed. (If you want to know more - read it here). Well many adventures befell them before they were finally re-united at a mother of all magical showdowns with the great evil. We join them in the moments after the evil is banished ....

The great cavern was plunged into utter darkness as the impossible light faded to nothing. Mikel lay gasping; pain wracked his abused body, blood oozed from dozens of cuts and abrasions. A grinding agony in his leg warned him against trying to move. Had anyone survived the conflagration? He thought of his companions, those who had stuck with him to the bitter end, who had given their all. Were they all dead?
     “Krissa!” he cried out into the darkness, his heart wrenched with pain deeper than any wound that lacerated his body. He had crossed the world to find her, had faced down a Great Spirit in all his wrath for her; there was nothing he would not have endured for her and he could not bear to lose her now. His breath came in great tearing sobs. “Oh, Krissa.”
     “You were right about one thing,” a soft voice murmured next to him.
     “Krissa!” he exclaimed and tried to sit up, but the excruciating pain forced him to lie still. He felt her cool hand on his face, her thumb stroke the wetness on his cheek, her finger tips brush his lips.
     “You have been a fool, worse than a fool, and I love you,” she whispered, her breath hot upon his cheek.
     Then her soft lips were on his own, and all his longing, his desire, his need welled up from the depths of his soul into the ecstasy of the moment. Everything else was forgotten in that instant when the universe pivoted about the yearning love that fed the passion of their kiss.


  1. Hi, reading your two excerpts makes me want to read the whole book! When will it be out!? Have a great day.

  2. ooh, yum! me likey! Love the names of your characters too!

  3. Ah, sweet romance. And adventure! Good luck with you publishing quest and thanks for stopping by my blog.

  4. Hi,
    I'm stopping by from the Crusade going on at Rach Writes. I love sci-fi and fantasy. But I have to say, after reading your post, that you do pretty darn well at romance too. I'm a new follower.
    Anyhow, good to meet another blogosphere friend. My blot is at

  5. Awesome scene! I love how he fears he's lost her, and then suddenly she's there. I'm not part of the kissing blogfest, but I sure am having fun.

    I'm a new follower and crusader.

  6. that was lovely - romantic and passionate.

  7. Romance! Adventure! Excellent characters! I can't wait until you get this book out there so I can read it ;)

  8. AWWW sweetness--well done, my friend!

  9. Hoorah! They kiss - wonderful, Dom, powerful and touching.

  10. Ooo...that was perfect. Powerful and passionate. Yay for romance!

  11. Awwwww wow!!! I love that poor Mikel is battered and bruised and then saved by this most amazing kiss from the lovely Krissa!!! Yay!!!! Happy Valentines!! Take care

  12. I love your scene.

    Happy Valentine's Day!

  13. *sigh* (I'm doing a lot of sighing today, I must admit)

    Lovely scene. I'm particularly fond of this:

    “You have been a fool, worse than a fool, and I love you,”... ; P


  14. Oh, how sweet. The wounded warrior looking for his woman. I'm just really hoping all his wounds are survivable!! *holds breath*

  15. This is a really great scene. There is so much anticipation going on about what the outcome will be. Is this there last moments together?? I am a fellow crusader and look forward to reading more of your work. Best wishes.

  16. *the universe pivoted* that was a great line. Loved the excerpt!
    Edge of Your Seat Romance

  17. need welled from the depths of his soul and bled into the ecstasy. The universe pivoted on love and spun with passion of their kiss.

    You have a great ending and kiss here.

  18. Great scene and descriptions. Very romantic :O)

  19. Fellow crusader saying hi. Awesome blog.

  20. Oh I love this scene! Nicely done Dom! ;-)

  21. Why Dom, you romantic devil, you! LOL This is so well written. The emotion is palpable, as is the connection between your main characters. Scenes like this run the risk of being overdone, but you didn't overstep. There is the perfect blend of romance and energy. Thoroughly enjoyable.

  22. Hey Dom - Great kiss. The things we'll do for love. =D

  23. Neil ... thanks ... I wouldn't hold you breath but I'm working on it!

    Samantha ... thanks, I like them too!

    Stina ... thanks, and thanks for co-hosting :)

    Tamara ... thanks - there's quite a haul to go yet!

    Lois ... *blushes* I try!

    Nancy ... thanks - hope you had a good break

    Margo ... welcome to my blog! :)

    mshatch ... aww thanks

    Melissa ... I can't wait either - except I have to! At least the length of wait is in my own hands!

    Christina ... thanks and thanks for co-hosting - it's been great fun

    Margo ... thanks I'm glad you liked it

    Ellie ... awww thanks

    Jai ... hahaha - in a good way I hope!

    Old Kitty ... it's lucky that Tomus is nearby with his healing magic, but he will have to be careful - healing magic weakens the healer and they are all knocked about fearfully!

    Golden Eagle ... thanks

    Tessa .. thanks - it is a deliberate reference to the time back at the castle when they so nearly kissed, but were stopped. (see the no kiss blogfest!)

    Tracy ... with a bit of healing magic he'll pull through!

    Regina ... hi, thanks and welcome. It will take the whole party some time to recover, but The End is only a few pages away so they'd better be OK!

    Raquel ... thanks I was getting quite wrapped up in it!

    Elaine ... ah! much tighter - I re-read what I wrote and it is terribly wordy isn't it?! I was so caught up in the moment, I didn't want it to end!

    Madeleine ... thanks - it's hard to fit everything you want to say into 250 words

    Louise ... hi and welcome

    Talei ... thanks - glad you enjoyed it

    Lisa ... *blush* thank you. You can review my writing any time you want! lol

  24. RaShelle ... *grins* it's a powerful mover for sure!

  25. Fun scene, thanks for sharing it.

    Welcome to the crusade. Go group 14! We shall be victorious. That is, if there's any opportunity for our group to compete against all the other crusader groups.


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