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Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Haiku Wednesday 8 Dec 10

Today is Sensational Haiku Wednesday at Jen's Blog and today's theme is ... CRABBY

OK ... so someone likes a challenge!


Christmas: Peace on Earth,
Goodwill to all men, except
Ebenezer Scrooge.

Winter makes me SAD
Fused light means shorter day,
Mean days and short fuse



  1. Love your use of language. What an ideal theme for this holiday season that's upon us.

    Really relate to SAD. Seriously considering using a light box. Also, darkness makes my fuse shorter.

    You definitely should be published. Great piece of work!

  2. Definitely relate to the second haiku. :) Argh, winter.

  3. Yay!!!! Two very witty and playful haikus!!! Wonderful!!!

    Take care

  4. That second one is my favourite. Love that last line: "Mean days and short fuse." I totally relate!


  5. Your first is adorable and the second I cannot agree more I hate these shortened darkened days!

  6. Great Haiku there, Dom
    Sorry About the nickname
    So glad I found you :)

  7. Terrific wordplay, especially with the second. Both made me smile!

  8. Haha, well done!

    I get SADs too, and find light helps in a huge way. I moved my office around so I'm practically leaning out the window I'm so close to it when I work. Huge difference. Fresh air and as much sunshine as I can get.

    Great use of theme!

  9. I love both of these....great writing!

  10. If it weren't for blogger, I'd have forgotten all about Haiku. It's been so many years since I learned this form of poetry in school. I wonder if I actually wrote one for a class assignment. Right now, I'm not so sure I could come up with anything blog worthy, but it's fun to see everyone elses! :)

  11. Love them! I have a particular fondness for the one featuring Scrooge. Great blog, and thank you for the advice. Will be looking forward to our journey together.

  12. Enjoyed your haiku's. they are very festive and seasonal too :O)

  13. Well done Dominic :) I love how you work with the haiku form. The second one is my favorite.


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