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Saturday, 11 December 2010

Harry Potter Blogfest

Michael is hosting the great Harry Potter Blogfest. Here is my entry.

I have often been told that I look just like Mr Weasley, but until last Christmas I hadn’t realised how true it was. I was walking down a street in Shoreditch on Christmas Eve, one of those lanes that seem impossibly narrow, lined with shops full of curiosity, when I caught a glimpse of myself. I turned to look and, there, on the other side of the glass, was a version of me, resplendent in floor length robes and a purple velvet hat.
I couldn’t help myself. I grinned and went into the shop.
“You look just like Arthur Weasley” I said, sure that it would be a great compliment. “From the Harry Potter books,” I added when the man stared at me in surprise.
“He is Arthur Weasley,” the ancient man behind the counter said. It was more of a cackle, to be honest. He had a white beard that disappeared below the counter, probably all the way to the floor. “You’re the one what looks like Arthur Weasley.”
I held out my hand. “I’m Dominic,” I said. “It’s amazing to meet you actually, you know, in reality.”
Arthur shook my hand warmly enough but he seemed puzzled. “I don’t think I know you,” he said. “I think I would know if I had met myself before.”
“You’re famous, Arthur,” I said. “Everyone knows you.”
The old man laughed, slapping his hand on the counter, took a wheezing breath and collapsed into a fit of coughing.
“Are you alright Pestival?” Arthur said. He strode across the room to slap the old man on the back and catapulted him halfway across shop. I helped Arthur hoist the old man to his feet, Arthur apologising all the while. The old man grinned and waved away Arthur’s apologies.
“There you are Arthur, just what I been saying. You’re forever tinkering with them muggly things but you don’t know nothing about what’s happening in the muggle world.”
Just then the door opened and a little girl with a mass of red hair bounded into the shop, followed by a couple in their late twenties. The girl ran up to Arthur, but stopped when she caught sight of me. She looked quizzically backwards and forwards between us, and then grinned.
“Grandpa One,” she said, pointing at Arthur “and Grandpa Two.” She pointed at me.
“Bloody hell,” the young man said looking at me. “How did you do that, Dad?”
“You must be Ron then,” I said, “and Hermione,” as the young woman joined us. “And this must be little Rose!” Seriously I know those books too well.
Rose beamed up at me. “Where’s Grandma Two?” she said.
Ron put his father’s hat on my head. “What do you reckon, Hermione?”
“Ron, I can read you like a book, and I think you are very mean to your mother.”
Ron grinned. “Oh come on, Hermione – two Dads! Let’s see if Mum can tell the difference!”
And that was how I came to spend a magical Christmas Eve in the best house in the world.


  1. Very cool Dominic. Mr. Weasley is my favorite too. Now when I think about you, true or false I will always picture Mr. Weasley. I hope you don't mind. I'm glad you didn't run into Tom Riddle.
    N. R. Williams, fantasy author

  2. Oh, very cute! I like taking it forward to present time. Nicely done!

  3. You never know what magic Christmas will bring your way, do you? So you look just like Mr. Weasley? Lucky for you that Voldemont never found out!

  4. Magical charms for the children is a gift to share, especially at Christmas time. Santa himself is a sight of delight to eliviate some suffering plight, as in deprevation, segregation, and needs to be put right with a humanely delegation of separation of worldly values to Christianly morals!

    Thank you for your musings, this piece was well written with a satircal essence.

    Love love, Andrew. Bye.

  5. Dominic?

    Do my eyes deceive me or should I say Arthur? Weren't you the one that told me you were having some difficulty with putting yourself in the scene?

    Now aren't you glad I made you do it?

    I loved this. You did a great job!

    It is so wonderful to see so many different choices on characters. I think spending Christmas with the Weasleys would be great fun! And you put yourself in the present ... so did I.

    Thanks so much for joining in my first blogfest.


  6. How cool! I hope you have a wonderful time with the Weasleys! Well done!

  7. Wow!!!! I loved this - what a brilliant way to spend your christmas eve in the most magical house ever!! That sketch of you/arthur is just uncanny!!!!

    take care

  8. Ha - very original to make the characters not realize there are movies about them. (Although didn't their house explode once? Be careful out there!)

  9. Haha, do you know the great thing is, we've been telling him for years he really does look like Mr Weasley! Good one dad :)

  10. LOL, Oh this was a very fun read, it took a minute to get the jist of what was happening, but really fun! Thanks for posting!

  11. The only thing better than one Mr. Weasley, is TWO! Yay!

  12. The Weasleys are the best!

    Great blogfest post! :)

  13. It looks like Arthur met his doppelganger...or you met your doppelganger. *laughs* For some reason, I don't think Molly would be happy, but Arthur would love to have someone Muggle to talk to about all those great Muggle inventions.

  14. Cherie - absolutely, Arthur and I got on a house on fire. Thank goodness for magic repairing the damage!

    Eagle - hear hear!

    Cassandra - I couldn't comment on yours - but I loved your entry. It was great fun.

    Summer - I'm glad you didn't give up! Glad you enjoyed it.

    Em - I so should have played Mr Weasley in the films!

    Erica - and there we were thinking JK made it all up!

    Kitty - I don't know who would have more fun - Me at The Burrow or Arthur at my house!! (I know he would be in seventh heaven!)

    Words - Thanks - couldn't think of a better place to be!

    Michael - thanks, and yes it was a worthwhile challenge!

    Andrew - I pray that everyone can look through the commercialism to the true message of peace, hope and love.

    Roland - You'll have to take my daughter's word for it. A muggle at you-know-who's mercy? *shudders*!

    Hart - I did the maths - all the ages are correct for Christmas 2009! ('cos I'm that much of a nerd!)

    Nancy - I think the inner me really is Mr Weasley! Tom Riddle is my polar opposite!

  15. Clever touch. Yes the red hair is a Weasley trait alright, but I wouldn't call you an old man! LOL! Great take on the theme :O)

  16. Looks like you could have some fun with the Weasleys every year :)

    Great story!

  17. Christmas with the weasleys! Sounds like an excellent way to spend your holiday!

  18. Awesome! And so funny. Poor, poor Pestival. (heeheehee) But now you know that you must write the sequel - I want to see what happened w/ Molly!

  19. Madeleine - I figured that, although Arthur is 13 or so years older than me, being a wizard (who live to great ages) he probably *looks* the same age.

    Lisa - I would have fun with Weasleys all year every year!

    Melissa - I couldn't think of a better one!

    Nicki - Now that would be a good story (probably a better story actually!)

  20. Why is it that every time I think of the Weasleys I just feel warm all over. Aren't they just the epitome of down home? Great piece, Mr. mean Dominic! :D

  21. Hilarious, Dom! You had me worrying about what ol' Mollywobbles was going to do to Ron when she found out.


  22. Oh, that's brilliant. Well done. Guess you enjoyed your holiday with the Weasleys, then. :)

  23. I just want to know if you've ever dressed up as Arthur for Halloween. Pictures! :)

  24. Superb!! Love the Weasley characters. Very colorful and animated...


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