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Saturday, 4 December 2010

Through the Keyhole Blogfest - Updated!

Madeleine at Scribble and Edit is hosting a blogfest until 11th December.
The object is to "Describe someone's living space in no more than 500 words so that we can vividly imagine the absent person. Then guess from the descriptions posted the type of person who might live in a room like this.
It could be a policeman, assylum seeker, a housewife, an author, a foster child, a Vicar who likes DIY, an axe murderer (!) anyone you like, really, but no-one famous."

So here is my entry:

Doug Jarvis, Private Eye.

I went into the bedroom and looked around. First impressions? Pink.
The air was sweet, Boss Femme and nicotine free.
There was a double bed, the duvet with a bold pink and purple floral design, Evelyn by Seymours. To either side of the bed, narrow shelves held matching table lamps. There was a built in wardrobe down one side of the room, a full length mirror on one door. A well lit dressing table stood next to an unused fireplace with mantel shelf over. An easy chair with a pink throw over it completed the furniture. There were empty hooks on the walls.
I checked the mantel shelf and sure enough lines in the dust showed where someone had cleaned out the photos and momentos that might give away the identity of the room’s occupant. Yeah well, they figured without Doug Jarvis.
I checked the bed; the set of pillows on the right, furthest from the window, was marked by makeup, the other was clean. A copy of Jazz magazine lay on the right hand shelf and an alarm clock. I pressed the alarm button and found the time was set for noon. I walked around the bed to check the other shelf, but it was empty with no marks in the fine layer of dust.
The dressing table was littered with makeup: bright lipsticks, neon eye shadow, volumizing mascara, expensive foundation and concealer. The hairbrush contained strands of dark hair, but also blonde and red, but they didn’t look natural. There was a used book of matches on the dressing table from Ronnie Scott’s.
A white substance on the surface dressing table aroused my suspicions, but it turned out to sugar. There was a small packet of it next to a bottle of lemon juice and a jar of honey.
I was sure I knew who slept in this room.

How about you – who sleeps here?



  1. Um, I'm thinking some retro chick who doesn't want to be reminded of the family or friends she's disconnected with. She loves tea, I'm thinking... :D

    ~Elizabeth :)

  2. lol ... well actually the photographs were removed by someone other than the occupant!! There are six major clues, and the rest is just more about character than occupation!

  3. Love the style and the touches. Excellent!
    All that pink and cosmetics, the different coloured hair strands in the brush suggest dying hair frequently suggests someone who performs for a living.Lemon juice and honey suggests a singer, possibly a man impersonating a woman? A drag queen or music hall dame or something like that? :O)

  4. I'm waffling between the harmless rebellious teen whose Mom cleaned up her room and a Lady of the Evening who's turned up dead so they've gone to her "sanctuary" to figure out who she was.

    Then again, I just might need a nap. :)

  5. Great guesses!! I will post the solution to the clues on Sunday 11th - be sure to come back and find out!

  6. Whoever it is, they obviously want the place to look very feminine, even if it comes across as trying slightly too hard to be that. Possibly some sort of jazz singer?

  7. Hmmm...I've read through it a couple of times. The occupant isn't wealthy, but enjoys a nice living. The lemon, honey and sugar could be for tea, or might be used in concert as a facial scrub! You say the strands of hair don't look you mean the color or the hair itself? Wigs? Whoever it is sleeps until noon, so I'll assume late nights. I'm guessing a call girl. Can't wait to find out who it really is!

  8. Ooo...I'm intrigued! I'm thinking a female singer/actress. Can't wait to find out who the mystery person is.

  9. I'm guessing female, for one thing . . . as for the rest . . . hmmmm! Interested to find out who it is!

  10. Sugar, honey and lemon - whoever it is has a cold! All that pink keeps making me think Barbie..:) The hairs are different colours and fake.

    I'm going with an actress with a cold.

  11. I have no idea but I'm having a blast reading everyone's entries. I could almost smell the perfume in the air....well done!

  12. My thoughts is definitly a female who has expensive taste- so maybe she is a high maintenance type of gal.


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