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Sunday, 5 December 2010

The Unexpected Tale - Round 1

Emma created a creative writing game for us to play. The rules are here. In summary we used dice to decide on a MC, location and time. We then wrote one paragraph. Next we used dice to create a second character that our MC had to meet in the second paragraph. After completing the second paragraph, we used the die to create an event for our third paragraph. Only then did we use the die to determine what sort of ending our story was to have in the final paragraph.

So here is my version of Round 1

Paragraph 1 - Male, Fighter, Mountains, World Wars
Paragraph 2 - Small boy
Paragraph 3 - Explosion
Paragraph 4 - Joy

Hans Brinkmann stubbed out his cigarette and blew on his hands to warm them as the cold night air of the French Alps bit deep. He was only a few miles from border with Switzerland and half a day’s drive from his homeland. Below him in the darkness stretched the fields of the Bas-Rhin, with their vineyards, wineries and deadly partisans. He ran his hand through his close cropped fair hair and settled his uniform cap more snugly on his head. He sighed and thought of Claus and Heidi starting school and Kahren probably on night duty at the hospital.

Hans hitched his rifle and continued his patrol back towards the mountain road guardhouse. He stopped as a furtive rustle snagged his attention. Heart hammering in his chest, he levelled his rifle at the darkness.
Arrettez. Qui va la?” he shouted, in bad French.
Silence greeted his challenge.
He fished out his flashlight and shone it towards the bushes. The beam caught a pale flash, and the shiver of leaves as a figure retreated into the shadow.
Hans sprinted towards the bush, and within a few strides caught up with the small dark haired boy that had burst from hiding.

Even as Hans grabbed the boy’s arm and yanked him to a halt, a massive explosion cracked open the guard house and sent Hans and the boy spinning into the deep shadows. Rifle fire cracked and whistled overhead. The boy struggled but Hans held him tightly.
Arrettez,” he whispered harshly. “Restez en bas. C’est dangereux
A siren began to wail and answering fire from the German outpost flashed in the night. The main partisan assault seemed to be away to his left, but silent shadows also crept up the hill to his right. He had to warn his comrades.

Abruptly, the partisan assault faltered and the fighting retreated from the ruined guardhouse. Surely his Hauptmann would realise it was a ruse? Hans crept into the bushes, pulling the boy with him. As he made his way up the hill, ears straining, he suddenly became aware of dozens of small bodies huddled into a deep rill and understanding burst upon him.
He pushed the boy forward, and the child beamed with joy. "Merci, oh merci." Then the boy disappeared into the shadows.
Hans backed away. Let the children find a new life over the border, this war was not theirs.

This story had the added complication that we had set a maximum of 100 words per paragraph and that requires incredible discipline!

Emma's version ratchetted up the tension somewhat and in my (unbiased!) opinion is excellent. Go check it out!


  1. Very Nice (: I love how we came up with very different ideas for this! (Also many thanks for the shameless plugs :P)

  2. What a great way to get the creative juices flowing! Enjoyed reading this.
    Ann Best, A Long Journey Home

  3. You continue to impress me, Dom! This appears to be a very tight exercise, and you did an amazing job. This is a terrific read.


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