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Sunday, 2 January 2011

No Kiss Blogfest

Everywhere I look "not kissing" is in the air!

How could I resist?

Frankie Diane Mallis is hosting the second annual "No Kiss" blogfest at Frankie Writes. Write a piece about an almost kiss - that's all there is to it!

This is a scene from (probably) the second book of my trilogy. I don't think you need any more background.

This first paragraph can be omitted if you don't want to read all 646 words. I just wrote it all because it is a scene I have had in my mind for a very long time now.

Mikel leant against the door frame of the great hall and watched the dancers. They were dancing a galliard, and Lady Isabel navigated the enthusiastic dance with ease, all the while flirting outrageously with Lord Donard. She had barely spoken to Mikel these last three days, so caught up had she been with her many admirers. How could he have been so blind? He meant nothing to her; all she cared about was his heritage. Another dancer passed in front of Isabel and with a shock Mikel realised it was Krissa. She was dressed in a flowing forest green dress heavily brocaded in gold around the neckline and high waist. Her hair was swept up showing off her long elegant neck and she danced with an effortless grace. She was relaxed and smiling, her eyes a dark turquoise. Mikel watched her, stunned. Suddenly their argument was meaningless to him and he bitterly regretted shunning her for the last three months. The realisation of his own crass stupidity turned his stomach and, tearing himself away, he fled into the night.

He walked through the rose garden to the balcony overlooking the trout lake and stood there, blinded by tears.
“All alone?” a voice mocked him from behind.
He turned in surprise to see Krissa strolling towards him. He had only ever seen her dressed for battle, but far from being incongruous, her dress accentuated her beauty and set off her lithe figure.
“Krissa!” He turned away, desperately conscious of his tears. Damn! He couldn’t dry his face without making it obvious. He turned back and smiled weakly.
Krissa drew closer and cocked her head to one side. “What’s the matter?”
He shook his head. “I’ve been a fool, worse than a fool.”
There was the faintest twitch to the corner of her mouth. “Yes I know.”
“I was wrong in every way it is possible to be wrong.”
She closed the gap between them and laid her hand lightly on his shoulder. “Yes I know that too.” She reached up and wiped his cheek with her thumb and ran the backs of her fingers down his jaw. “You are the most obnoxious, infuriating, pig headed, dolt this side of forever.”
He placed his hands gently on her waist, his heart hammering in his chest. Her eyes, darkening to a deep midnight, shone in the moonlight, her full lips curved into a secret smile. Her gaze caressed his face from his eyes to his mouth. Her lips parted and her hand slid behind his neck. He leaned in towards her, their lips so close he could feel her sigh.
“Mikel!” Isabel’s voice pierced the night.
He gasped and pulled away, turning to face Lady Isabel as she strode through the rose garden. He flushed, feeling a stab of panic. He felt like a boy again, facing his father’s temper. As Isabel stopped, hands on her hips, Mikel felt his life suddenly snap back into focus.
“What do you think you are doing?” Isabel said, lifting her chin imperiously.
“I’m coming to my senses and seeing you for what you are, my Lady. Damn “my Lady”! You’re a heartless, manipulative vixen. You’re a disgrace to your mother, Isabel, and I hope I never set eyes on you again.”
Isabel blanched, her eyes wide. There was a moment of silence as the world held its breath, then her eyes blazed and two spots of colour formed high on her cheeks. “You had better hope, Forester, that you never see me again because I will see you buried so deep, the Shades will have to dig up your soul.” She spun on her heel and stalked back the way she had come. Only then did Mikel notice the shadowy figures that moved to rejoin her as she walked back through the rose garden, Lord Donard among them. Mikel let out a shaky breath, not realising he had been holding it. Then he turned back to Krissa.
She was gone.


  1. Golly what raging passions!!!

    What has Mikel got himself into!?!? Threesomes are never a good idea where love is concerned! Oh dear!!!

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading this (including the first paragraph!!). Thanks for sharing! Take care

  2. Oh wow- what a mess he's gotten into. great post- I really liked reading it.

  3. Another of my comments seems to have disappeared into cyberspace, so I'll try again.
    Poor Mikel. I am impressed you've entered this blogfest. I like the way she intimately wipes his face before the almost kiss. Great stuff!
    I shall need to have a go soon:O)

  4. BTW I have just posted my pulse-racer for the Blogfest over at mine ;O)

  5. uh, oh, sounds like trouble...

    and I like how I got a sense of each character in such a short passage.

  6. Dominic, I LOVE this. You are an amazing writer. I'm so glad you found me, even though Mr. Linky didn't enroll me in the blogfest.

    Your entry rocks! that rebel, Olivia

  7. My middle name is "No Kisses." Sigh...
    Chapped Lips

  8. Ahhh! I hate when the other party disappears after an almost kiss. I love that he comes to his senses and doesn't let Isabel's interruption change his mind.

  9. Well, I got distracted by the phone, but this was lovely when I got back to it. I love the intimacy, and the easy flow of words.

    Thanks for sharing!

  10. Oh my, he seems to have got himself into a terrible jam. Fascinating characters and intrigue, and great hook. Nicely done.

  11. Ahh . . . great stuff. Fantastic hook, I'm an dying to know where this goes!

  12. Looks like my comment disappeared too!

    Well, here we go again. I really liked you excerpt. Great tension and I loved the way Krissa disappeared.

    I also like the threats from Lady Isabel... what a biotch!

    Great Job...

    All the best in the new year...


  13. Oh dear, he's in for it for sure. You've definitely set up some great tension and a lot of possible conflict for your plot points. Your descriptions are wonderful.

  14. Muahaha...I love it! I love how everything slowed down before the kiss. There was all this dancing and partying and all of a sudden you captured the moment with this great stillness. Great job and following you now. Thanks for your comment on mine, btw. :)

  15. Wow. Love this. I want to know where this goes. Wonderful tension and great descriptions.
    Nice job!

  16. Dom, you continue to impress. This is terrific. I like the tension and Mikel's vulnerability. I'd definitely like to read more!

  17. This is great! I was right there :) I really liked Krissa, too. Fantastic job and thank you for sharing!

  18. Oooh this was fabulous, I love the feel and tension of this piece! Thanks so much for posting!

  19. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I must have missed you somehow when I went through the list, sorry!

    LOVE your entry, btw! Passion, him admitting he's a fool (always a plus when a man is capable of doing so), then the intrigue and an interrupted kiss! Great Drama, my dear!

    Blog you soon,


  20. *fanning myself* Woo-- I loved the fool part! He stepped in it deep-- NICE JOB!!!!


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