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Saturday, 22 January 2011

AWOL - sorry

What a week!


I went to see the Voyage of the Dawn Treader 3D. This was always my favourite book for some reason and I thought the film adaptation was extremely well done. There was a small amount of liberty taking with the book, but no more than was necessary to make a cinematic spectacle and to create a clearer narrative thread.
I think Georgie Henley who has played Lucy in the three films to date is a face to watch out for in the future - I am sure she will have a great career if she continues to pursue acting.
Another plaudit goes to Will Poulter who played Eustace - he absolutely captured the pompous arrogance of the boy.
I would give this five stars as a wholesome family film. (some hand holding during the scary scenes might be necessary. The children might appreciate it too!)


An evening with my Spiritual Director

oh! and I received word that my Haiku titled "Wormhole" is to be published by The Pedestal Magazine on 19th March.


Took my younger daughter to Nottingham Trent University for her interview. She wants to study Design for Film and Television there. It seemed to go well. She just has to wait for the University to offer her a place ... or not.


Final edits on a 8500 word short story for the ePocalypse competition being run by Pill HIll Press that I have been writing with Simon Kewin.


Choir Practice. I sing bass.


Writing my sermon for tomorrow. I might share it tomorrow if anyone is interested!

So there you go - why I have deserted you all and why I have missed doing Microfiction Monday and Haiku Wednesday. Back into the swing of it for next week.


  1. Busy fella, Dom. I hope your daughter gets her place at the university.
    Also, I think I'd be interested in your sermon. And does your choir have any recordings you could post?
    I attend a little United Church of Canada church 3 blocks from home, and the choir has just lost a member. A sad occasion for our small town. Helen sang in the choir here for 60 years, starting when she was 11. The funeral was yesterday, and the church was packed, quite literally. The sanctuary was full and some 60 people watched the service on closed-circuit TV in the lower hall.
    -- K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  2. Hi Dom - It is not always easy to keep up, especially when family needs come first. Good luck to your daughter! And congratulations on your upcoming publication! That's awesome! You had a busy week, but a fulfilling one, it seems.

  3. Nice to hear someone else enjoyed Dawn Treader! It was my favorite book as well and I thought the actor playing Eustace did an excellent job.

  4. Missed you but with all this going on I can see why you weren't around.

    First of all, congrats on your Haiku being published!

    Good luck to your daughter, I'll keep my fingers crossed for her.

    I haven't seen Dawn Treader yet but it's one of my favourites of the series too. I've heard a lot of good things about this film. Can't wait to see it!


  5. Hi, glad you had time to see the Dawntreader. We went earlier in the month and really enjoyed it too! Though I have to say that The Horse and his boy is my favourite book (If you can have a favourite!)
    Gongrats on being published, hope your daughter gets accepted if that's where she wants to go and have a good week.

  6. What a fab week for you!! Congratulations with your story being published and also to your daughter!!! Of course Nottingham uni will offer her a place!!!! Yay for her!!!

    And you sing in a choir and have a sermon to write. Which makes you some kind of vicar. Wow.

    Welcome back! take care

  7. That sounds like a full week - congratulations on the published Haiku and best of luck to your daughter with her dreams.

    It sounds like a few people here would like to hear more about your choir, including me. Nice to see you back.


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