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Wednesday, 5 January 2011

New Creations and Wednesday Haiku

Today is the New Creations blogfest courtesy of Summer Ross. Thank you Summer!

The rules are simple: Choose your favourite last line from a story you wrote last year and a brand new sentence to start something new.

Here is the last line from last year's story (its not so much my favourite line, as my only line! I only completed one story last year. Not a good record! Taking part in Wri1Sub1 should fix that!) It is a science fiction short story and our hero has been trapped by unknown beings.

"No, we are not legion. We are so much more."

Brand new line:

"When he awoke, he was unquestionably a woman."

In this science fiction short story (I have daydreamed about but not started) our hero wakes up in hospital unable to remember who he is or anything at all about his life, but is absolutely sure he is not in the right body!

Now onto the Sensational Haiku Wednesday

Join the fun!
You know ... that Blog?

Today's topic is Resolutions

Indelible ink
Pins down our aspirations
Just for a few days

Committee meetings
At last a resolution
Vote for a tea break

Tonal consonance
Accidental harmony
Creating a chord


  1. Wow! Intriguing new line.

    And excellent haiku! I like them, esp. the indelible ink one.

  2. Yay!! You;ve posted!!

    I only say this now cos I'm at no. 40 going through the list of lovely Summer's blogfest and you didn't have yours up when I breezed by like a million hours ago - it's so tiring but fun but tiring reading everyone's!!


    Last year's line: Aw now I do like this. It's so final and yet so hopeful!

    New line: FABULOUS!!! More please!!

    And your Haikus: lovely but your tea break haiku is the BEST!!

    Take care

  3. I like the first haiku. And I really like your new first line. Amnesia plus an unfamiliar sort of body ...nowhere to go but up, even without a spaceship.
    -- K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  4. That first haiku made me chuckle :)

  5. LOL- great new line- very curious to see where that goes! Thank you Fairy much for Participating!

  6. The new first line is fabulous!

    Love the haikus. You have such a flair with this form. Happy New Year Dominic!

  7. Excellent!! Love that last line - "Creating a Chord" I see also "creating accord", and that's too clever for words!! Nicely done ;)

    Happy New Year!!

  8. I loved your Haikus. I wrote so many on Twitter last year when I got bored with editing.
    The Blogfest sentences came with very strong ideas. I loved that opening line - it made me smile and I would definitely want to know more.
    Your more than legion ending is very strong - bold.

  9. Hi Dominic! Just popping in to return the favor-VERY cool-looking blog. I don't write as much SF as I do speculative and fantasy. I've had a few published, but holy moly! Those a hard sells-;-) Good luck with yours!

    And don't forget to spread the word about my contest-get a few more entries for yourself!

  10. I love that you put up pictures to go with your haikus. I want to do that next week! :)

  11. your new line made my mouth drop!

  12. I gotta say, any book starting with that second sentence is a slam dunk.

  13. Stopping by for the blogfest! That beginning line is an eyecatcher-- no mistake about that!

  14. Absolutely fabulous haiku and I love your lines. The one about the man being in a woman's body definitely has me hooked. :O)

  15. HA! Totally love the new line - in a woman's body!! Great. :0)

    Haiku... I have mixed feelings about since reading Dean Koontz's FALSE MEMORY where haiku was used for a bad bad purpose!!

  16. Sorry this is late, I had trouble getting into your blog on Wednesday....anyway, wonderful haiku, can identify with the teabreak! Great sentences too....adored your new opening line!

  17. Your only finished story last year can still be your favorite!

    The ending line is interesting - what's more than a legion? A nation? A world??

    And the opening has a lot of possibilities. Has he had his consciousness transferred to a woman's body? Brain transplanted? Or just radical gender reassignment surgery?? (Magic transformation spell?)

    Thanks for taking part in this blogfest. I signed up late, but I'd love to know what you think of my sentences!


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