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Sunday, 30 January 2011


What a fantastic blogfest this has been! I have been bowled over by the amazing standard of every entry, and I can tell you that picking six finalists has been the hardest thing I have had to do in a very long time. In the end I had to resort to a complicated scoring scheme, assessing every story for bravery, smoothness of writing, characterisation, grip, and that indefinable wow factor!

Firstly, I want to thank everyone who posted their No Fear stories; I hope you enjoyed writing your pieces as much as I enjoyed reading them!

Secondly, I want to honourably mention a couple of entries that I was gutted to have to leave out of the running. These were really great stories and they deserve a standing ovation (Titles are my own creation!)

The Black Sands Gladiator by Tessa Conte
This gripping account of a gladiator duel was a superbly crafted piece.

The Biter Bit by Ellie Garratt
This slick turning the tables story was sizzling with tension, again very well written.

However, I have chosen the following finalists:

OK ... VOTING IS OPEN TO EVERYONE until Midnight GMT on Saturday 6th February.

Voting is up there in the top right corner!


  1. Wow, you made my day. I am among such great writers that I feel honored just rubbing shoulders with them. I had fun doing this. I read most of the entries, though being at work kept me from responding as much as I wanted.

    We are all winners. We tell tales to friends in the dark, making it less fearsome by the sound of their cyber laughter and applause.

    Thanks, Dom, for giving such a fun blogfest, Roland

  2. Great choices! I have loved this blogfest, it's been a fabulous opportunity to read such great writing (and I read every one!) I, too, adored both your honourable mentions and wish the finalists a wonderful week.

  3. Dom, thank you for a wonderful blogfest! I'm honoured to have been selected as a finalist.

    I read all the entries for this blogfest, and I have to say all of them were of a very high standard, and I enjoyed reading every one. I've discovered some new, cool writers that I'd not met before. What more could I ask?

    I've cast my vote, and I promise I didn't vote for me.

  4. I loved Ellie's entry cos it was so darned sexy!!!

    Ooooh thanks for the chance to vote!! Will have to read them first - thanks a lot for such a fun blogfest!!! Good luck to everyone!!! Take care

  5. Wow. I am proud to have been selected as a finalist. I read all the other entries and enjoyed selecting an excerpt where bravery and love was at the heart of the action.

    Everyone is a winner when they get the opportunity to read the work of other writers, especially when they are writing on the same theme. I learn so much from reading.

    Thanks for hosting this Blogfest, Dom.

  6. Wonderful finalists you've chosen there! Thank you for the honorable metion, glad you liked it (and I like your title).


  7. Wow! Thanks, Dominic. I'm still floored that you chose my snip. Everyone turned in such good entries. To be a finalist is an honor. Good luck, everyone!

  8. Dom,

    Thank you.

    I am so honored. I really enjoyed this blogfest very much and I am thrilled to be including among such great writers.

    Congratulations to everyone ... we are all winners.


  9. This is wonderful Dominic! I'm very excited to read all the entries. I'm sure they are all great!

  10. All worthy entries and I'm sure it was a hard choice! I had a hard time voting on a favorite. Thanks for hosting this blogfest :)

  11. I wasn't expecting an honourable mention - the standard was so high. Thank you! Loved the title you gave it.

    All the entries were worthy of a place in the final six and I didn't envy your task of choosing!

  12. Thanks Dominic for hosting this great blogfest. I hate this voting thing as I loved all entries. Of course there're always stand outs. As has been said, the quality was very high. Whoever wins, it was a great opportunity for us to hone our writing skills, which is what I love about blogfests!

  13. Hi,

    Late to the party as always, but I've been pushed doing a book review, posting to a regular spot on group blog, and editing a novel!

    Just want to say congratulations to all the runners-up. May the best wo/man win! ;)



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